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How to Participate in NH Legislative Hearings
Posted on 03/16/2023

How to Participate in New Hampshire Legislative Hearings

New Hampshire citizens can upload written testimony on bills without appearing in person, specific to the House of Representatives. Legislators check this submissions page frequently to review testimony that has been submitted on bills coming before their committee. Testimony submitted online is available for anyone to view. The form accepts testimony through the end of the day of each bill’s public hearing.  
For NH Senate bills, a copy of your written testimony must still be emailed to the committees, using the links provided further on in this page (see “Participation Methods for the 2023 Legislative Session”).  
A link to sign in and register a position, FOR THE NH HOUSE ONLY and to submit a PDF of written testimony, can be found here:
NH House of Representatives Upload Testimony

Other Participation Methods for the 2023 Legislative Session

If you do not wish to speak on the legislation but wish to have your position registered in the official record of the bill you may do so using the following links:   
Register Position for Senate Bills/Hearings
Register Position for House Bills/Hearings

If you would like to submit emailed written testimony to the entire Committee you may use the following links:
Submit emailed/written testimony to Senate committees
Submit emailed/written testimony to House committees
If you would like to speak on a bill, you do need to sign up in person on the day of the hearing, it is anticipated that all Senate and House Committee hearings and Full Sessions will be live-streamed at the following links. It should be noted that there is no online participation, this link is for viewing purposes only:
NH Senate Livestream
NH House Livestream
To find information about a specific bill, including docket information and scheduled hearing time, please use the link below and enter the bill number on the left side of the General Court homepage under the “Current Bills” heading.