Sunapee School District Enrollment

The Sunapee School District has utilized the New England School Development Council (NESDEC) to complete an enrollment study; for a better understanding of the process click here. The full report for 2019 can be found below.

Based on this most recent data, the Sunapee School Board understands that while in the early 2000s the enrollment was higher at times by as many as 50 students, enrollment subsequently declined until 2013 when it rose slightly for a few years before ending back in 2018 at the 2013 number. As we look towards 2028, enrollment is projected to maintain in the 390-400 range. With the continued growth in our community and new and younger families continuing to move to Sunapee, we may have a slight uptick to this projection. As the School Choice conversation continues at both the national and state level, Sunapee is also positioned to benefit from this legislative change which could translate into an increase of our enrollment projection.

10 year historical and 10 year projected enrollment data