CIP Subcommittee Timeline

CIP Subcommittee Fall & Winter Timeline

August 21 CIP Meeting SMHS, 4pm

September 12 Community Forum SMHS, 6pm - reviewing design options

September 25 CIP Meeting 6pm, SCES

October 23 CIP Meeting 6pm, SMHS

October 30 Community Forum SMHS, 6pm - pricing on specific design options

November 20 CIP Meeting 6pm, SCES

December 11 Community Forum 6pm, SMHS 

December 18 CIP Meeting 6pm, SMHS

January 15, 2020 Bond Hearing 5:00pm, SMHS

January 15, 2020 Budget Hearing 5:30pm, SMHS - Superintendent reviews proposed 2020-2021 budget and warrant articles

January 15, 2020 School Board Meeting 6pm, SMHS - Board votes on the proposed budget and warrant articles

February 3, 2020 School Budget Deliberative Session  7pm, SMHS

March 5, 2020 Community Forum to review the proposed School Project   6pm, SMHS

Agendas will be posted on and in accordance to RSA 91-A:2