Bookshare- Bookshare offers the world's largest collection of accessible titles. As a result, students, seniors, veterans, schools and many organizations around the globe use Bookshare to access the books they need for school, work, and the simple love of reading.

NH Vocational Rehabilitation- New Hampshire Vocational Rehabilitation (NHVR) is a division of the Department of Education that helps persons with disabilities help themselves to get a job, keep the job, and develop a life time career. NHVR has seven regional offices throughout the state designed to assist persons who have physical, mental, emotional and learning disabilities.

Parent Information Center- The Parent Information Center (PIC), a New Hampshire statewide family organization, strives to achieve positive outcomes for children and youth, with a focus on those with disabilities and special healthcare needs. This is achieved through its partnerships with families, educators, youth, professionals and organizations.

College Board Accommodations- Applying for accommodations on the PSAT's and SAT's.

Pathways- PathWays is a non-profit agency that serves people with disabilities in their home communities in Sullivan and Lower Grafton counties. PathWays works with children, adults, and their families to provide ongoing, individualized support. PathWays works with local agencies, programs and businesses to provide individuals with meaningful work, recreation and community life.

Deaf & Hard of Hearing Initiative- Our mission is to support New Hampshire"s schools and families in order to improve the educational outcomes of the state's deaf and hard of hearing children and youth, to provide training for and current information about educating those students, and to be a resource for schools, educators, families, and other members of the community.

Services for the Blind and Visually Impaired- Services for Blind and Visually Impaired provides those services necessary to help people with visual loss to enter, re-enter, or maintain employment. Most services are provided without charge to the referred individual as the Services for Blind and Visually Impaired Program is supported by your State and Federal tax dollars.

Early Intervention Supports and Services- The goal of ESS is to support families in helping their children grow and develop, including helping you achieve your own family goals. ESS services are provided in a child's natural environment (typically the home or child care setting) by qualified professionals such as physical therapists, occupational therapists, speech pathologists, and early childhood developmental specialists

The New Hampshire Council on Autism Spectrum Disorders Created by the NH Legislature in 2008, NHCASD provides coordinated leadership in addressing the healthcare, education, and service needs of individuals who experience autism or a related disability