Remote Weather Instruction Day

Remote Weather Instruction Day
Posted on 11/29/2022
snowflakeDear Parents and Guardians,

As we prepare for the upcoming winter season we wanted to remind parents and guardians that the Sunapee School District will continue to use Remote Weather Instructional Days (RWID) when predictably inclement weather may create unsafe travel for students and staff. Like last year, the Sunapee School District will pivot to the one-day remote learning situation when we have advanced notification of winter storms. On these days the notification of a RWID will come the day prior with a call from our student/parent notification system. On a RWID all students will be remote; teachers will post the assignments for the day on Google Classroom by 8 AM.

Because of the early notice to teachers, some students may have been given assignments and materials needed for the remote day in advance. Students are required to complete all assigned work and turn that work upon return to school. Teachers will be available to assist students from 8 AM-2 PM on all RWID and students/parents should contact teachers by email or Google Classroom with any questions or assistance needed. Para educators will be given assignments and will be assisting students as identified.

On RWID, when appropriate, students will be arriving home the day prior with a school-issued Chromebook. If families need to access Wi-Fi, all school facilities parking lots have connectivity as well as the Abbott Library.

When needed we will still have traditional snow day. We also believe that when there is a predictability to storms, it makes sense to utilize the remote learning opportunity so students will not have a distribution to their classroom curriculum and that we can attempt to end school as early as possible in June.

As a District, our priority continues to be the safety of our students, faculty, and community. Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.

Russell Holden

Superintendent of Sunapee Schools