Brenda Thomas, 
Transportation Director
603-763-5615 ext.371
[email protected]


Welcome back Lakers!

I hope everyone has enjoyed their summer break and are looking forward to getting into the swing of a new school year. Summers never seem long enough but we have a lot to pack into the 180 days we are allotted together.

If you have not emailed a transportation request for NEW bus riders to [email protected] and received a confirmation reply please do so ASAP. Also, please be certain to keep the pick up patrol information up to date moving forward.

When reviewing bus routes, you will notice significant changes to bus 8’s morning run. We have combined the first and second runs to streamline the process and allow a little extra time for the kids who were riding the first run. The afternoon has significantly more potential riders at this time so there will continue to be two runs made in the afternoons.
There are several other small changes to the previous route schedules on the other buses. Some added stops and some removed either for lack of use or rerouting needs to accommodate new and returning bus riders.

Please know we have tried to accommodate as many change requests as possible the past two weeks. We do however need to cut off any further requests at this time in order to get route information out. All further requests for change received will require a minimum of two weeks to be processed. If routing changes are required it may take several weeks to complete the changes. Please bear with us as we attempt to make the best possible decisions for our student body as a whole.

It is recommended that elementary school parents plan to meet their students as early as 2:55 if they ride the first run and 3:15 if they are riding the 2nd run in the afternoons. As a reminder, students in grades k-3 cannot be left at the bus stop unsupervised. If there is no one visible at the bus stop those students will be returned to SCES following their bus route and the parents will be called to pick them up from there.

We have been fortunate to retain a full staff of route drivers. We are grateful for their dedication. We will continue doing our best to ensure the safety of your students.We cannot thank you all enough for your patience, flexibility and continued support with our processes.

Elementary school dismissal plans are managed through PickUp Patrol.  Changes must be submitted prior to 2:15pm each day.   Access PickUp Patrol here

Click the tabs on the bottom of the spreadsheet to see details of each bus route