Posted on 10/12/2020

Dear Sunapee School Community, 

I hope you are enjoying the wonderful fall weather over the long weekend. 

Some of you have reviewed the New Hampshire Department of Health and Human Services School Dashboard over the weekend and are concerned and question the positive active case listed for Sunapee Central Elementary School. A family in town had been dealing with COVID in the family and made a decision on Sept 18th to keep their children home while the family dealt with the situation. They have been working with DHHS, and a child in the family tested positive. On a call Thursday, October 8th, DHHS spoke with me and cleared any COVID cases in Sunapee; they also reported to me that they had communication with a family in Sunapee who had a positive case. DHHS, at that time, cleared that family for return to school. The family has had ongoing communication with our school nurse. The family is determined to keep the children home while they continue to deal with the family situation. They have not returned to our schools at this time.   

On Saturday we spoke with DHHS and asked that they remove the case as it did not happen in our school and it was causing undue concern in our community. DHHS explained that the family stated the child attended Sunapee Central Elementary School so they listed the case on the dashboard and would not take the case down at that time. We will follow up with DHHS on Tuesday to better understand the posting.

At this time, based on our information from DHHS, we do not have an active case student in Sunapee Central Elementary School and no children or teachers were exposed or had any close contact with the student. I am sorry for any confusion or stress this situation may have caused our community. 

Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns, and enjoy the remainder of the weekend.