Adjustment Counselor

Who is the Adjustment Counselor for the Sunapee School District?

Shawna Otis has joined the Sunapee School District as our Adjustment Counselor.  Shawna brings several years of experience as a mental health clinician, which gave her the opportunity to counsel individuals of all age levels from school age through adult.  She holds a Master of Science degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling and a BA in Psychology.  She also has strong communication and people skills.  

If you would like to speak with the Sunapee School District Adjustment Counselor, please contact Shawna Otis at 603-763-5615 or [email protected].

How can the Adjustment Counselor help my family?

The District Adjustment Counselor helps to promote maximum development of all students by working to identify needs that interfere with learning and assisting to secure appropriate services to address individualized needs. The Adjustment Counselor works closely with Special Education Case Managers, School Nurses, School Counselors, School Psychologist, Teachers, and Administrators to add an additional layer of support for students and families who may need additional assistance from time to time. The Adjustment Counselor acts as a bridge between home and school and works to support and connect families with community supports they may need.  Examples of ways the Adjustment Counselor may be helpful include: 

  • Assistance with identifying and securing concrete resources such as health insurance, financial assistance, supplemental food assistance, housing, clothing, and other necessities as needed

  • Helping parents/guardians to navigate and complete complex applications for various types of local and state support programs 

  • Helping to support regular attendance for students with difficulty attending school

  • Securing appropriate mental health resources as needed for students and/or family members in need of on-going or time limited support

  • Assistance in navigating unexpected crisis situations 

  • Conducting home visits and/or family meetings to provide support during times outside of the typical school schedule

  • Identifying pro-social opportunities for students and/or families

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Resource Links

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