Capital Improvement Projects

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Capital Improvements Committee Charge:

The Sunapee School Board's Capital Improvements Committee is to consider comprehensive, long term solutions for the District's facility needs which will include the Sunapee Middle High School and Sunapee Central Elementary School as well as playing/athletic fields.  The Committee will work with an architect to develop possible solutions for a recommendation to the School Board.  Key to the process will be obtaining input from all stakeholders including educators and the community.

The initial task of the Committee was to develop a RFQ and interview for a Project Manager; the School Board selected Gordon Bristol.  Working the Gordon the committee put out a RFQ for the pre bond architectural services.  After an extensive vetting process the Sunapee School Board approved the Capital Improvements Committee's recommendation to retain Banwell Architects.

Sunapee Schools Educational, Safety and Mechanical Needs

Our buildings have many significant needs. The elementary school is 92 years old and does not have adequate space to house the existing student programs nor meet core needs with respect to space such as adequate classroom size, flexible areas, individual programs space, nurse areas and cafeteria. In addition, most mechanical systems are at the end of their useful lives and are in need of replacement. The Middle/ High School was originally constructed in 1973 and, despite the addition in 1998 and some life safety issues having been addressed, it also has instructional and mechanical needs.

At the Elementary School we are looking to address the following needs:


  • Developing adequate classroom quantity and sizes that allow flexibility for more
    current teaching practices
  •  Individual program spaces for Reading, STEAM, Life Skills, Speech, Occupational Therapy, Autism and Emotional Disability services
  • Creating a small intervention room for testing, remediation, small groups
  • Discontinue use of modular/ portable classrooms
  • Traffic flow/safety
  • Second egress site and parking quantity deficiencies
  • Building security
  • Fire and building code deficiencies
  • ADA accessibility deficiencies
  • Insufficient storage inhibiting instructional space and egress
  • Outdated and insufficient heating and ventilation systems
  • Insufficient electrical and fire alarm systems
  • Lack of age-appropriate playground facilities

At the Middle/High School we are looking to address the following needs:

  • Undersized Life Science lab
  • Outdated Family Consumer Science and science labs casework and appliances
  • Provide assembly space with a platform for performing arts
  • Individual program spaces for Speech, Occupational Therapy, Autism, Emotional
    Disability services and High School Life Skills,
  • Undersized and misconfigured nurse, guidance and administrative support space
  • Outdated heating boilers
  • Electrical systems repairs
  • Insufficient storage
  • Insufficient number and type of athletic fields