March 20 - Remote Learning Update

March 20 - Remote Learning Update
Posted on 03/23/2020
Covid-19 updateWe hope that everyone has been able to make connections with their teachers and other professional staff so that remote learning can take place on Monday, March 23rd. If you have not had contact with your teacher, please reach out to them by email before Monday. As this process begins, I want to first thank everyone for working together. This process is new to many of us, and our continued communication and working together will be important for our students to succeed as we continue to move forward.

While technology can never replace great teachers and the classroom experience, it can allow for learning to extend beyond the walls of the classroom. The goal of providing continuity of learning in the Sunapee School District is to allow students to continue to have access to learning opportunities during a necessary school closure. During this remote learning process, students and parents will have an increased responsibility for the independent content in the learning process. While teachers will still deliver instruction, assignments, projects and support for the required work and will be checking in to see how students are progressing on required work and will assist as needed, the shift requires each student to take on more individual responsibility to meet assignment deadlines, pace their work load and engage in the process. Some tips to help parents: set up individual schedules as to when independent learning will take place and establish learning areas in your home. With younger students we are recommending that parents supervise or work with them as they might need immediate support.

Our teachers will only be presenting online content that will be age appropriate, but parents may want to monitor for individual students appropriateness or other content that may be available online that students may try to access. Youtube is an excellent source of content for teachers to help supplement teaching and learning. For students who are using school issued Chromebooks, parents should monitor younger students in grades 3-8 if they are using Youtube as the remote filter will be a little less restrictive than what is used inside the school buildings.

We again thank everyone for working together to get his process underway. Please continue to communicate with your teachers, administration, and SAU as needed as questions or concerns come up.


Russ Holden